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My name is Syal Kumar living since 6 years in Germany. I am basically from Kerala, a small state lying south west cost of India. I am a qualified Ayurvedic doctor, did my BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Kayachikitsa (internal medicine) from medical universities of South India.

These are the official education available in India to become an Ayurvedic doctor. The total study duration is eight and a half years as full time study. In that BAMS is of five and a half years of study. The curriculum consists of Ayurvedic subjects and modern medicine subjects, taught parallel. Theoretical, practical and clinical classes are held during this period. After one and a half year clinical classes starts in the hospitals. After four and a half year, one year is for internship in the hospital. MD is for three years in various subjects like internal medicine, paediatrics, gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, pharmacology, etc.. These three years dominate with clinical studies, along with that teaching for undergraduates and in the last year with research work for the thesis. In BAMS and MD theoretical, practical, clinical and oral exams are conducted each year. After obtaining more than 50% marks in these exams one can go to the successive years.

After completing the course a certificate is obtained from the corresponding university which helps in the official registration under the Government health department. Ayurvedic doctors are registered as “A Class” practitioners.  Legaly in India it is not allowed to parctice without this registration certificate.

In India there is no week end course or monthly course to learn Ayurveda as it is not possible. The subjects and the hours of study will not be fitting to a short term course. Ayurvedic education is more clinicaly oriented rather than theoretical.

At present I am working as a researcher in Ayurvedic medicine. I feel the need of research in this medical system is high. As this system is one of the oldest medical system, there are enormous knowledge which should be exposed.


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